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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 posted by jeff

We’ve been trying to pack the upcoming release with some new features to offset the long wait time. Some of the more notable ones are:

  • Rewritten / redesigned REMITT billing service. For all those who hated the instability and pain behind some of the older REMITT versions, not to fear, the new version of REMITT is now a self-contained J2EE application. It also supports such niceties as eligibility verification, remote configuration management, foreign id support, SFTP push support, PGP/GPG encryption/decryption, and remittance callbacks with X12 835 parsing.The official REMITT site has more information on upcoming features here.
  • Database-backed data store. No longer do you have to rely on distributed filesystems and bizarre incantations to implement a distributed FreeMED setup ; it’s now as easy as setting up a load balancer. Scaling, ahoy!
  • Clinical Patient Order Entry (CPOE). Oft-requested, much desired feature, required by new meaningful use specifications.
  • Data normalization. Most of the system is now relying on normalized data fields against industry standard data sets, so your patient data is as portable as you’d like it to be.
  • Revamped reporting engine based on JasperReports. We’re using a standard reporting engine now, so designing your own reports is no longer a Byzantine task.
  • Scheduler improvements. It’s drag and drop, with block and group support, along with appointment templating and all of the modern scheduler trimmings.
  • Virtual “push” notifications. The user interface updates itself whenever the data updates itself, so you can be sure what you’re seeing is the latest version of the pertinent information, without having to resort to your “Refresh” button.
  • Semantic patient tagging. You loved it on Flickr, now gain the advantages of semantic tagging in finding patients.
  • Webcam patient image support. Grab a headshot of your patient for identification purposes with any web browser and a webcam, it’s as easy as that.
  • Full immunizations and vitals records. Industry standard data for vitals and immunizations, which can help facilitate machine reading and other integration efforts.
  • Drug sample tracking. Track drug sample lots in the event of a recall or other tracking purposes.
  • Access Control (ACL) rewrite. We’re getting serious about access control, so you won’t have to worry about overly loose access control. Give your staff and providers as little or as much access as they need.
  • … and other great features …

Keep your eyes open, we’re getting ready to push a beta tester version of 0.9.x!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 posted by jeff

We’re still in very active development on the 0.9.x series of FreeMED with its new GWT user interface. So busy, in fact that we haven’t had a chance to update this site. Keep watching, we’ll be updating with screenshots and news items.